Post Production editing for the best aerial photographs

By adjusting the exposure, saturation and contrast of aerial video and aerial photography, the original footage can be enhanced  

If it is necessary, I can offer a post-production service to improve images to achieve the best result for you.

It is also possible to combine still aerial photographs with aerial video, to create a more complete visualisation of the building, land or area.

I can also optimise the final product for printing and web applications, as required 

Post Production Editing Includes

I want to make sure the aerial photographs and aerial video we have is right for you and your application

  • Resizing of your aerial photographs - they can often be over 25mb so I can produce a smaller version for your website or printing applications.

  • Combining aerial photographs in a slide show -  photographs can be combined in a moving-image presentation with music on your website or social media 

  • Optimising aerial video for YouTube or Video - drone aerial video usually needs to be hosted on a video host such as YouTube or Vimeo, but can then be optimised for your website
  • Adjusting the exposure of aerial images - by adjusting the exposure in post-production, a different hue, look and feel can be added

  • Changing the colour saturation - this can dramatically enhance aerial photography, highlighting vibrant colours and enhancing contrast to produce a more dramatic aerial picture

  • Cropping aerial images - sometimes a large picture of a landscape or building includes unwanted items that distract from the subject and I can change the focal point to optimise the overall effect