How much do drone photographs cost?

Drone roof inspections from just £99 (plus VAT)

Before take-off,  I need to check for any flight restrictions in the area and possibly obtain permission to fly. These checks are a necessary part of pre-flight preparations but don't worry, I'll take care of everything that needs to be done.

Once the flight is properly planned and organised, I can take the photographs you need. Larger and more complex projects such as churches and industrial buildings usually cost around £50 more (typically from £125 plus VAT) because of the extra time and planning involved, but we will agree on costs beforehand. 

Half-day or Full-day, what suits you best?

Half-Day rate is £400 (plus VAT)

Full-Day rate is £650 (plus VAT)

Sometimes it is difficult to plan how much time is needed and it can be more cost effective for you to book a half day or full day. Additional costs may apply depending on how much post-production editing you need, travelling costs and so on - I'll be pleased to discuss your requirements and we'll agree everything before we start filming.

Other popular extras to consider...

Drone Aerial Video combined with aerial photography 

For a more dramatic visualisation, drone aerial video brings the subject to life and can be combined with still photographs and music

Property Marketing

Differentiating your country home from more ordinary properties on the market with aerial video is easy - just call me! Show buyers a bird's eye view and make your location special. Reduced rates available for estate agents, property management companies and contract work - please contact me

Drone aerial surveying

Whether you want pictures of land or a building, drone aerial photographs and drone aerial video can really help you and your audience see the bigger picture

Includes post-production editing

Some post-production editing is included to make the images ready for publication online and ready for printing and I will be happy to discuss any further work you need. Travelling costs may be charged depending on the location, but we will agree everything before we start flyin filming.


After having completed the drone flights for mapping, another output can produce a 3D format of images buildings and land, for an interesting and eye-catching visualisation.

Typical this costs between £15 - £25 extra

360º Images

Taking multiple images in a 360º pan around the drone produces superb, interactive aerial images - an exciting way to show a landscape or site. And viewed on a tablet or mobile, the image comes alive!

Typically this costs an extra £10


By stitching together multiple images, you can have adetailed photo of a large area or landscape, with measurement and annotation tools - a great way to update an outdated Google Earth image.

Typically this costs an extra £15 

@evoairdrones - Affordable Drone Photography 


I'll be pleased to discuss what you need to get the best possible images, including post-production editing,  and marketing help to use the images on your website or printed marketing materials. Here are some ideas about prices for drone aerial flights and what generally is required:

BASIC - £108 inc VAT

Drone aerial photography for approximately 30 minutes, enough for around 30 high-resolution photographs

A short 4k drone video

*lower resolutions are also available, for example for web use etc 

Typically used for

estate agents and residential home-owners, for selling property and marketing.

Also simple roof inspections.

STANDARD - £150 inc VAT

Drone aerial photography and drone aerial video for approximately 60 minutes, enough for around 70 photographs

Up to around 5-minutes of 4k drone video* 

*lower resolutions are also available, for example for web use etc 

Typically used for

construction sites, roof inspections and for aerial inspections of commercial property, churches and land, including archaeological excavations

PREMIER - £300 inc VAT

Drone aerial photography and drone aerial video for a half-day, enough for over 120 photographs, to give a comprehensive aerial view of the filming location

Filming 4k video as required*

*lower resolutions are also available, for example for web use etc 


Typically used for

aerial inspection and aerial images of large areas, orthographic mapping, 3D models including landscape surveys and agricultural surveying

All mandatory pre-flight checks and surveys of the area + on-site risk assessments are included in all packages. Additional costs may apply for complex projects and can vary according to the location.