Church Quinquennial Inspections

Every five years, the Church of England requires that your church building must be inspected by an architect

or chartered building surveyor approved by your Diocesan Advisory Committee. eVo-AIR can help you with

cost-effective provision of photographs and video of hard-to-reach roofs, towers, steeples and spires, without the cost (and risk) of hiring height access equipment.


Check the church roof!

Don't rely on rickety wooden ladders or scramble across steep roofs to check the roof!

Using a drone to get aerial photographs and aerial video of those difficult-to-see areas is much cheaper way of checking for faults or future problems.

And it is really easy to share these aerial photographs with specialist contractors to get repair quotes

Drone Photography for Your Publications

Many churches would like photographs of their church for the parish magazine and newsletters.

Whilst flying the drone for the church quinquennial inspection, it is easy to take extra photographs for you to use.