Drone mapping and Photogrammetry

Creating maps and 3D models

Photogrammetry is the science of creating maps and 3D models from aerial photographs (or more specifically, in this case, drone aerial photographs). The resolution and quality of the output image will depend on the original resolution of each photograph, the distance, attitude and aspect from the subject and the number of photographs taken.

With a 3D model map, the drone stitches together multiple aerial images to produce a 3D model image that you can move around, zooming in and out to get more detail. Here are some recent examples of both a 3D model and a site map we have filmed for a client - zoom in and take a look!

3D Model

Here is an example of a 3D model of buildings. You can zoom in and move around the buiildings, seeing a new perspective

Maps You Can Measure and Notate

Here is an example of a photogrammetry map, a 2-dimension image where you can add notes,  measure and calculate volumes

Note: These tools may only be available to work on larger desktop and laptop screens

We can also produce elevation maps, to graphically show the contours of the ground