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Drone Aerial Surveying

I offer a wide range of aerial photography and aerial video services using a drone

Modern drones, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and SUSA (which stands for small unmanned surveillance aircraft) are essentially ultra-stable aerial camera platforms that provide exceptionally high-quality aerial images for many different uses.

Using the extensive satellite network, they can safely be flown in relatively windy conditions and by using the on-board global positioning systems (GPS), their relative position in the air and above ground can be accurately determined for mapping, surveying and tracking purposes.

Church Quinquennial Inspections

From creating an accent wall to sign writing, to the gilding of objects or the finishing or refinishing of furniture

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's or drones) can drastically reduce the costs of inspecting hard-to-reach roofs and towers. Our drones can relay instant high-quality video and photographs to the ground, pinpointing any areas that need specialist repair.

Aerial images can then easily be shared with specialist contractors for further assessment and pricing, saving money hiring MEWP (mobile elevated work platform), which can then just be hired when it is necessary for any remedial work to be completed.  


As an experienced bell-ringer and tower captain of my local church, I may also be able to fly inside a bell tower to assist with bell and bell frame inspections 

Drone Aerial Inspections

Use a drone for aerial inspections to save time and money


Using a small unmanned aircraft (SUA) to inspect a roof or high building can be quick and easy. It is usually cheaper than traditional methods and the captured images can either be saved and reviewed off-site by a specialist contractor or alternatively we can attend and work on-site with a specialist for immediate consultation and expert advice. 

Customers may find that the images obtained from the drone camera will be enough to obtain accurate quotations from specialist contractors, without incurring the additional expense of site visits and inspection.

Building & Construction Aerial Pictures

Sometimes, ground-based images just cannot cut it to give a planner, an architect or even a potential buyer the full perspective or a site or project

Aerial images can help show how everything quickly and easily. Presentations, meetings and discussions are more meaningful when everyone understands what is where; how any existing buildings or features relate to each other and can help inspire thoughts, ideas and solutions. 


Using a drone to capture what the site or building looks like now from above is much easier than ever before. Don't rely on Google images, which can be months or even years out of date. Our drones can capture highly detailed, high-resolution photographs and video to make your life easier. 


We know - that is where we started in this line of work, using drones on our property development sites, so we know it works and it saves time and money.

Get Started In 4 Easy Steps

We'll agree what you need and when you are ready, I can arrange a convenient date for the filming flight.

(Weather and local flight restrictions can affect the date and timing of the flight)


Tell me what you need, when you need it  & the location


I will check the location is safe to fly & give you a quote for your project


When you are ready to procced, I'll arrange a convenient flight date


We'll review the images & I'll edit as required and send them to you

eVo-AIR.co.uk and eVolution Consultants are proud to be members of the Drone Safe Register
eVolution Consultants are a CAA approved drone operator and members of the Drone Safe Register. Click for more information from the Drone Safe Register website
Civil Aviation Authority approved drone operator - evolution consultants




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eVo-AIR offer drone aerial photography, aerial video and drone filming services throughout the UK but as I am near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, I am particularly keen to work in my local area including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

eVolution Consultants offers project management and website services anywhere on Earth!

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