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The location, size and individual requirements vary, but typically one hour on site costs just £108 including VAT.

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Low-Cost Drone Roof Inspections

High roofed buildings, warehouses, office blocks and blocks of flats, tall structures and towers all need regular maintenance checks. 

A drone is an easy and cost-effective way of carrying out regular checks to spot potential problems before they become serious. 


Using drone aerial photographs and aerial video can also be a great way to get quotes and specialist assistance once you know work is needed. The images are easily shared by email, giving the contractor a bird's eye view of the work required without having to attend the site, erect scaffolding or other height access equipment, which can often be costly and require on-site management to comply with health and safety needs and also, choosing a convenient time to carry out the necessary work.

What are the advantages of using a drone?

  • Faster - than other roof inspection methods - inspections are quick and easy to arrange and often completed within an hour
  • Safer - no one needs to work at height when you can use a drone
  • Cheaper  -  drone hire will be much cheaper than hiring scaffolding equipment or a cherry-picker
  • Convenient - captured images are simple to share with others after inspection, so your team, or specialist contractors can see exactly what the drone saw
  • Compare quotes - it is often easier to get several quotes using drone aerial photographs, so you can compare different companies and options

It isn't just external roof inspections where a drone can help - sometimes a drone is the best tool to get up close to internal roof structures

Using a drone for a roof inspection helps pin-point damage exactly so that costs can be quantified and work confirmed beforehand, saving wasting time and money.

A drone can quickly see damage before it becomes a bigger problem, saving further damage and costs.

eVo-AIR.co.uk and eVolution Consultants are proud to be members of the Drone Safe Register
eVolution Consultants are a CAA approved drone operator and members of the Drone Safe Register. Click for more information from the Drone Safe Register website
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eVo-AIR offer drone aerial photography, aerial video and drone filming services throughout the UK but as I am near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire, I am particularly keen to work in my local area including Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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